Monday, 23 July 2007

Some pix from yesterday!!

A few of the Gems, mine's old GOLD
had about 12 turn up.
Had a few more pix but the batteries in the camera died when I was uploading to the computer.

Was a really good day, lots of driving and lots of laughter.

Met up with a few more people, fun times.


MadameCupcake said...

BEAUTIFUL photo's!!! i want to go there!

Donna said...

HI Nic - your photos for the 365 day challenge are great! I love the on ewith the sun in the background - they're all so unique. In the words of Arnie - You Can Do It!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Nicole, I hope everything is going well.

Carole xx

Jodie said...


hey where are your new daily pics! i miss them and you.
im thinking ur sick still, ?? so get better soon.
oh and hey is that ur brother on ur msn..from qld???
not baaad...hehe

Jodie said...

hey me again, hope ur ok nic :(

oh and my last msg msn imeant myspace.......der. lol