Sunday, 22 July 2007

Photo #9

Here I am at the beach,
went on a Gem Cruise today,
will update tomorrow with some piccies.

uploading this photo a mum and dad's place
so I don't have to get on the net to do it at home
Will catch up with everyone tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping and seeing me,
please leave a mark from you.


scrapwitch said...

.hope you had fun today ,cant wait to see your shots

Beth said...

mark ;)

Jodie said...

hi nic
beautiful beach shot, did u g o for a swim or is it too cold?
so warm here tday love it.
winter is finally pissing off!!! lol

Nicole said...

Gorgeous day, but a shocking breeze, would have been perfect for swimming otherwise.
So argee about winter, hate it.