Sunday, 1 July 2007

I went flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First time ever,
it was an amazing experience, helped too cause the pilot is excellent.
Family friend and he knew how nervous I was, explained everything to me, how it all works, what he was doing, where we were going. It's just those little things that made it so much more relaxing and enjoyable.
It was unreal, all four of us went up, so Zac is a flyer at 6 months.

I now know why Luke is addicted. He can fly just doesn't have his licence. and we just don't have a spare $600,000 to get a plane. *boohoo*

Charlotte waiting for her turn.
Looking out over Mt Larcom School oval, Bruce Highway and Railway Line.
East End Mine

See my place, top right hand corner behind some trees.
Looking out to sea. and the islands

Raglan Creek
Shaddow of our plane
Down the runway for the landing.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Nicole and I bet it will not be your last flight now... We did a helicopter ride over Newcastle a few years back (Used the photos we took for my first scrapping page must drag it out and put it on my blog) xxx

scrapwitch said...

wow nicole what a trip it must have been ...dont you just love to fly..i'm addicted ..its such a blast how you flew over your place ..thats so cool.hope your masters is kicking along..thanks for your comments on my blog babe!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome Nic!! I LOVE flying (when I dont get ppressure in my ears on landing..) which is good coz i spent about 40 hours on one to go back and forth to South America - lol! plus a few trips round aus.. I dunno how Id go on a little plane though!! cool pics :)


Michelle Jamieson said...

Great pics, Nicole!
What an exciting experience. bet you can't wait to scrap those!

By the way, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Chelle Xx

nikkihelen said...

Nice pics Nicole!! That looks like an amazing fun time!! Can't wait to see the lo's!!

Nikki xXx