Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Easter Weekend!!!!

Well where do I start.

My scrapping good luck just kept coming, I found out I won the SM monthly sketch challenge, very excited as there was some absolutely gorgeous work in that. We had a good day, didn't do much. We were supposed to be cleaning up, but that just didn't happen, kids ahhhh!

We went down to the Gladstone Harbour Festival, had an excellent time, Charlotte had TWO turns on the clowns, after Luke showed her that you put a ball in the mouth, she just wanted more and more. After that she had a turn on the Merry-go-Round, we thought that she was a bit small to go on the horse, decided that she should ride in the carriage, but NO WAY, Charlotte had her own plans, as soon as she saw the horses, she got excited and just had to ride on one of them, did terribly well too. Held on and she has unbelievable balance. You couldn't get the smile off her face. Luke had to get her off, had a hard time too, as she wanted to go again. I got some great piccies of her. We had lunch which consisted of Dagwood Dogs, favourite show food, Chips and Fairy Floss, Yummmm!!!!! Came home and had a cruisy afternoon.

Charlotte got out of bed to find that some very dirty bunny had jumped all through the house. Once again she was EXCITED, all she could say was 'Oh Wow', not that she got much chocolate.
We headed down to mum and dad's for morning tea, had a good pig out there. Nan and Pa came around to see the kids, they were both good, as usual. Never are at home, (as I'm writing this Zac is screaming his head off). Came home, then went back down for tea, this time Nan and Grandy came around.

Monday (my birthday)
Had a few friends out, it was more of a play date for Charlotte, though. We had six kids in the house all up. The first round of kids there is 8 months between them ages 20-28 months, and the second round there is 6 months between them 3-9 months. It was crazy but the older three had a great time. I put out some eggs and they went hunting, ate alot of chocolate and played til they almost dropped. Got some good piccies then aswell. We had Mum, Dad and Reece up for tea that night, Luke cooked. It was a good night.


Mine and Lukes wedding anniversary, hard to believe that it's 3 years. Also Mum's birthday. Which reminds me I have two cards to finish off. Nearly two days late. Oh well.

Better get cracking.


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