Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Ahhhh Time is Flying

It's so hard to believe that Zac is nearly 4 months old. It just feels like yesterday I had him. Time is flying, It's been awhile since I've actually put up a proper post. Not much has been happening though.

We haven't gone anywhere or done anything exciting over the past week, trying to stay at home, it's just tooooooo expensive to go out, with the price of fuel at the moment. It's up over $1.20 again. Then it's just the trouble to get ready and get the kids ready, by the time you get to town your just exhusted and want to go home.

Will have to go down next week anyway, poor Zac needs to get his needles, and we need groceries, but then again when don't we need food.

Actually had a little shower here this afternoon, not much but hopefully it's the start, cross the fingers. Just the smell of it is enough to get you excited.

Charlotte is going great guns at the moment. Can count up to six, which she gets really happy about, then she has to count everything. We got her a bike last time we were in town, not just a trike/three wheeler, it's got trainer wheels on it and is so small, very cute. She was loving it, until Reece was giving her a ride and she fell off. Now she won't go near it.

My brother is now a fully qualified MECHANIC, just received his number last week, I'm so glad as it's taken quite awhile, nearly 18months too long. Oh well at least he has it now. Hopefully he'll go and do something else, definitely needs a better paying job.

I better go as it's 1.30am and I should have been in bed about 3hours ago. That's what I get for just have another little look. *roll my eyes*.

Take Care peoples


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Lauren said...

Hay Nicole,

WoW love your pages and you daughter is such a little cutie. We will have to catch up when I get home for sure!!